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What to Expect

Whatever your reason for choosing Dr Mander, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve selected a compassionate, highly-skilled and trained psychiatrist Perth for your needs. Dr Mander enjoys working with a range of cases and patients.

For Legal Practitioners

Booking Tony to review a case you are handling is simpler than ever, as he offers great flexibility to meet your needs—especially if you find yourself requiring an urgent analysis. The first step is to contact Tony with the necessary details of the case so that he can review it and provide an accurate, honest opinion.

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Legal Practicioners

For Insurers

If you are seeking a mental health evaluation for a client, we are happy to offer evaluations that are unbiased and for the greater good of everyone. It is Tony’s duty to provide a thorough examination and recommend the best plan for moving forward. The goal is to evaluate each person with ethical standards in mind—in most cases, the insurer and referred client are happy with the findings.

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For Employers

Ensuring work fitness is part of an employer’s duty of care. An employee must be up to the environmental, emotional and cognitive requirements of the workplace. They may need to handle dangerous machinery, important documents, difficult customers and a myriad of other challenges. Impairment may negatively impact on a business if the employee is mentally unwell.

A psychiatric examination can clarify the issues, recommend a treatment plan and monitor treatment response.

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