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Services for Legal Practitioners


Professional and Honest Analysis

You will be looking for the same qualities that are important to insurers. In addition, Tony has worked on thousands of cases over his 30+ year career with many involving courtroom testimony. For those rare cases that go to court Tony knows it is important that he can put the case across clearly, logically and without bias. No matter your legal needs, you can rest easy knowing that Tony has the skills, honesty and ethics to provide a clearly written report and opinion, with convincing courtroom testimony if required.

Reviewing and Developing Treatment

Dr Mander has the skills and experience necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that conforms to best practice. He will consider the factors that contribute to a client’s ill-health and complications that may be preventing their recovery. Such cases are rarely straightforward, but Tony will critically analyse the case to provide a balanced view about the reasons behind a client’s presentation.

Tony is happy to have a personal discussion with legal practitioners interested in making a referral to ensure he will meet (and if possible exceed) their needs before evaluating a case.

A few benefits of selecting us for your needs include:


A level of service that is responsive and personal and which will ensure an exceptionally high quality of service for you and your clients


Superior turnaround time for your reports, which will allow you to better manage your psychiatric-based claims


An environment which is conducive to a less stressful and constructive experience for your clients


You will enjoy the benefits of simple and easy communication


Multi-disciplinary assessment capability

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If you are in need of an impartial psychiatrist to review a current or forthcoming case, we’d love to speak with you. Get started today by opening a dialogue with Tony – Call 08 9386 8100 to begin. We look forward to assisting you!

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