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Professional and Honest Analysis

At our practice, Dr Mander understands the importance of helping someone insured by you return to work in a safe, mentally sound way. Tony has spent thousands of hours reviewing cases and evaluating claimants, and the goal is simple: To provide an accurate, ethical and unbiased diagnosis and recommendations for the future.


How Does It Work?

When an insurer comes to us, they are typically seeking a mental health evaluation with a professional recommendation on whether the claimant should return to work, and if so, over what timeframe. Tony will review any available material before meeting with the claimant, to conduct an in-depth interview.

He will provide a diagnosis, treatment plan and a recovery or return to work timeline that reduces the risk of an individual becoming chronically incapacitated. It does not mean rushing an individual back to work before they are ready.

His goal is to provide a medically sound opinion that will benefit the individual and insurance company. If he finds the claimant is mentally fit to return to work, he will recommend it. In other cases, he may recommend a gradual return—keep in mind, this does not just benefit the claimant, but the employer and the insurance company as well, as it allows the claimant the proper time to heal and get back to normal, reducing the risk of a claim that might arise from a premature return to work. On occasions a claimant may not be fit for work and rarely they may be totally and permanently disabled. Tony’s views will be clearly presented, well-argued and underpinned by reference to the professional literature when appropriate.


Why Choose Dr Mander?

Tony has been in practice for more than 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience about psychiatry and people. He has worked with numerous insurance companies, lawyers, employers, claimants and patient’s providing an honest and accurate depiction.

A few benefits of selecting us for your needs include:


A level of service that is responsive and personal and which will ensure an exceptionally high quality of service for you and your clients


Superior turnaround time for your reports, which will allow you to better manage your psychiatric-based claims


An environment which is conducive to a less stressful and constructive experience for your clients


You will enjoy the benefits of simple and easy communication


Multi-disciplinary assessment capability

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